Down Memory Lane

Back to Oils and Acrylics
A recent enquiry about some new work for some important public spaces made me realise that with all the watercolours I had been doing recently I had let my oils and acrylics gather dust! So, with carte blanche to do what I like I've had a ball painting some really exciting abstracts and mood paintings that have taken me right back to the preferred medium of my teens and twenties. When I painted in France in the 1980's it was easy to paint in oils - the hot summers meant they dried so much faster, but back in the damp air of Lancashire watercolours seemed somehow more appropriate. With acrylics and modern mediums, the drying times are so much faster, and I'm really enjoying incorporating all the other new creative products that can really enhance the surface textures of these great mediums. Have a peek at the gallery - I hope you like them!