Baltic Voyager

Next cruise fast approaching!
Moody Bruges
It won't be long now before I sail again with the beautifully refurbished ship m.v. Voyager, belonging to "Voyages of Discovery".
She'll be sailing on the first of her spring sailings from Portsmouth on 29th April, and I'm really looking forward to visiting Bruges for the first time in about thirty years, so thought I would get myself in the mood by a painting of the view I remember quite vividly. I put it out to my friends of Facebook and immediately had a number of folk who contacted me to say that is the view they too remember most! I had a bit of trouble with the detail of the photo I was using for the gables of the buildings on the left, so decided to disguise the fact with some brooding shadow! I think it's probably all the better for it, but I'd love to know what you think.