Students Rule, OK!

Happy students
New section for cruise and course students
Just before going live with my new site I thought how great it would be to devote a special section to all the lovely people who have dared to throw caution to the wind and participate in my painting classes on the high seas. Many of you have been emailing me telling me of your news, and I am delighted that so many are continuing to paint and even selling your work! For me as a teacher, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the achievements of my pupils, and I think you all deserve to have a longer lasting exhibition than the few hours we get on the last day at sea, so I've selected a number of representative shots from previous cruises and put up details of the subject matter and the dates. Now, even if you didn't take pictures yourself, you can log in and and see them anytime you like! You may even wish to send me some of your own that you think should be up there!

In addition, especially for those who haven't yet dared to do a painting class, you'll see a collection of shots that show just what a fantastic time you'll have if you do! The vast majority of the work you see in exhibition has been done by complete beginners or who have minimal experience.

So, don't hesitate next time - whichever ship you are on - give it a go!