Autumn Joy

Back from the Med
My trip to the Med as port lecturer could not have been better. Deep blue skies, silky smooth seas and a kaleidoscope of sights and experiences to endlessly enchant both the eye and spirit.
With such an A list of celebrity ports of call, it could hardly fail from the visual point of view; every corner turned up a visual feast, whether it be the splendours of Rome and Venice or just the wonderful colours of the local markets. A real treat for the artist's eye came down in Puglia - the heel of Italy, where the simple shapes of white washed alleyways punctuated by sun bleached doorways and the bright green of prickly pears made not just pretty photos but provided me with many ideas for simple subjects.
But in some ways the best was kept until last - departing from Venice against a perfect Turner backdrop we headed down the Dalmatian coastline, where, in truth, Venice pursued us to the last. Every little port boasted its Lion of St Mark, or its own Venetian windows, or in the case of Hvar, its own Venetian arsenal. The weather could not have been more perfect, and the mix of busy boats bobbing on their moorings, waves glinting in the autumn sun, carefree cappuccinos and generous gelati was intoxicating. Add to that some lovely passengers from all over the world and you have the perfect holiday, even though I did work my socks off!