White Nights of the Baltic

Summer at last
The Danish Royal Yacht awaits
It was at quite short notice that I was asked if I could deliver the destination talks for nine ports on the Baltic for Saga cruises, and after some kerfuffle as to just how I could get to Bergen from Dover in nine hours to ensure I fulfilled my contract with Viking cruises, I agreed to do it. It was a great decision! Within an hour of leaving a rainy Blackburn the skies had cleared, and by the time I got to Dover the barometer was set fair for a splendid cruise. Indeed, at the Captain's cocktail party the Captain announced that at last the Jet stream which had so far brought a miserable summer, had finally moved, and so it proved...wall to wall sunshine and calm seas accompanied our delightful little ship "Saga Pearl ll" (formerly "Quest for Adventure") as we explored the Baltic from Copenhagen to St Petersburg, throwing in the delightful island of Bornholm for good measure. The ship is exquisitely fitted out, superbly designed and extremely well run. All my lectures were very well attended, and I met some truly delightful passengers, a number of whom had never cruises before but who are now well and truly hooked! In addition to escorting a group to Copenhagen harbour just as the Danish Royal family were alighting from the Royal yacht, the highlight was once again an exclusive evening visit to the Hermitage followed by a superb concert and champagne reception.